Oliver Northrup


I'm a linguist living in Venice, CA. I have a mix of professional skills, including experience teaching, coding, and doing research in linguistics. My work at Google revolves around human computation.


I grew up in New Hampshire and Vermont, but went to high school in South Carolina. I also lived in Germany for two years as a child. I'm fortunate to have done a lot of traveling growing up, and that exposure's probably responsible for my interest in language. I received my BA in Linguistics from Cornell University in 2008, and my PhD from UC Santa Cruz in 2014.


I enjoy playing music. I played tenor drums and timpani in high school and college, and I served as captain of the Cornell University Big Red Marching Band Drumline my junior and senior years there. In Santa Cruz, I was the drummer for local punk and rockabilly band The Atomic Aces for five years. These days I dabble with bass guitar.

I tend to read a lot. I also play story- and roleplaying games, which you can read more about here.

Want to know more? You can find me at all the usual places, like Facebook and Twitter.