Oliver Northrup

Website redesign

I'm relaunching my website today to streamline my corner of the Internet. Here's the original design for this domain:

Original northrup.me design

It was a static page that functioned as a placeholder and directed folks to my academic site:

Final UCSC webspace design

That site was hand-coded PHP, and went through a number of iterations over my grad school career. Echoes of it still exist; Nate Arnett's site is based on the original 2009 design, and both Karl DeVries and Brianna Kaufman have adopted versions of the final design shown above.

The new design for 2014 is powered by Jekyll. It brings all of the content from the academic site to this domain and integrates blog posts. I've never maintained a blog long-term, so I'm hoping that baking it right into my personal site will make me stay active.